Das Heidelberger Schloß

The Landscape

When visiting the forest hotel "Luisenhöhe" in Schriesheim, you will enjoy the sweeping views of the vineyards of Schriesheim and the spectacular Schriesheim Castle. Shortly before arrival to the hotel you will travel up a mountain road (Bergstrasse), 5 mins off the autobahn, through the village of Schriesheim towards the hotel in the ode forest (Odenwald) overlooking the Rhine river plain (Rheinebene).

Places of interest include the many nearby vineyards, the Romantic city of ´Heidelberg´ (5 kms), with its beautiful old castle, historic old town, famous Haupstrasse and zoo, Schwetzingen´s electoral castle, Mannheim shopping center (10 kms), a cruise through the Neckar valley towards Heidelberg, traveling under the historic bridge or simply visit the nearby swimming-pool in the forest! Just to name a few!

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